Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Attention! Army, Navy, Military....... "Be all that you can Be" Strike? Arm? Drop? Shake? PTSD.....Hummmm V

Do you know how many times more likely it is for a "Blue Personality Type" to struggle with PTSD post traumatic stress disorder as a result of trauma exposure in comparison to an "Orange Personality Type"?

I'll give you a minute to think about it.
 Remember......Blue personality types have higher oxytocin level RANGE based on chromosome 3p25.  The Single Nucleotide Polymorphism or SNP marker coding for the varying levels is rs53576

......1660 over.  1040?

There are actually 3 forms of the SNP marker, but 2 present very similarly, so they CAMOUFLAGE into one type .... Green type blends into the Blue.
Blue and Orange Personality Types have many differences between each other:  
  • ways of thinking
  • forms of communicating
  • levels of GGregarious or AAscetic 
  • styles of learning
  • children's reaction to PTSD
  • possibly reasons for addiction
  • empathy

Ay ay!  Captain.

AA = Orange
GG= Blue

AG = heterozygous formation Green but with camouflage ......green = blue.
Therefore, there are 3 genetic underpinnings that take 2 phenotypeic FORMATIONS (visible/observable characteristics and traits)

 Orange Personality Types have lower oxytocin levels.

The answer......... drum roll ........

I don't know?   My hypothesis is for sure:  Blue.

As most of one's genes don't change across his/her life time......  current research shows that children with Blue Personality Types are more susceptible to PTSD than are Orange Personality Types......

Does this carry over into adulthood?
Would there be a new form of discrimination?  A battle? A war if we discovered the answer?

Eh.....we better just keep in FATIGUE.

STRIKE that.


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