Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Spirituality? TV? HummER, Hearing Voices? Schitzophrenia? Van Gogh

Hz ????  CHANGING PERSPECTIVES ON LIFE. Fe your information.

A person who has "excellent" hearing can perceive 20 Hz.  Another way to state this is that he can detect 20 vibrations per second.

Frequencies of sound below 20 Hz are usually "felt" rather than "heard."  Does this elicit any questions with respect to Autisim and/or the PDD Pervasive Developmental Disorder Scale?????????????????????????????

Imagine of the deepest sound you can imagine. 20 vibrations a second is slow enough so that you can actually see it, like in the surface of a bass drum.

How does synthesthesia play into frequencies of senses?

Octave C is a note one never really hears.  It is about 32 Hz.  (I do not yet know why?)
Octave  A is the lowest key on a piano and it is 27.5 Hz and the highest Hz is 4186 on the piano.

Theoretically people can hear 20,000 Hz (20 KHz) but this range is typically limited to children and as people age their range decreases to approximately 16,000 Hz.

Studies demonstrate that people living in societies without amplified sound have increased sound range detection.  (Shamans, indigenous visionaries, connection with earth and surround, oracles)

What does this concept imply about people whom are exposed to continuous amplified sound in terms their internally created worlds and their awareness potential of the surrounding environment?

Think beyond the adult human range of hearing.  The average 4000 Hz loss from child to adulthood - What might have been once detected and understood  in that range?  . . . .. . ..  . Nobody cares.   All most adults want to do is to unconsciously imprint their egos onto others.  "Mini-me's Mini-mes....All I want is Mini-me".  

Perhaps in that 4000 hurtzful loss of child connection with ALL KNOWING, taken from them by stealing adults . . . .. .may be where the happiness, peace and truth of source lays and could possibly stay ......if an adult is open minded to not following the heard but opening his ears to listen to "new" rather than teach "knew".

Perhaps as a child, this 4000 it is cholicked for, wept to keep, yet forced separation and condensation range of childhood Hz leaves adults departed from connection of ethos, universe and spiritual knowings.

Having been robbed by constant adult human programming, false teachings, TV, radio and other audio exposure humans are left flatlined.  They search for 38Hz in different ways.  Perhaps if the 4000 were allowed to be heard from new words of mouth rather than corrections made and inked red.........ethos/ universe and spiritual range and knowings would penetrate and embrace us all????

Adult humans - allow for your children to teach you.  Don't just fill their ears with decreased teachings.

At 38 Hertz, the brain releases pleasure and endorphins in and around the body.

TBC . . .. . . . . 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Attention! Army, Navy, Military....... "Be all that you can Be" Strike? Arm? Drop? Shake? PTSD.....Hummmm V

Do you know how many times more likely it is for a "Blue Personality Type" to struggle with PTSD post traumatic stress disorder as a result of trauma exposure in comparison to an "Orange Personality Type"?

I'll give you a minute to think about it.
 Remember......Blue personality types have higher oxytocin level RANGE based on chromosome 3p25.  The Single Nucleotide Polymorphism or SNP marker coding for the varying levels is rs53576

......1660 over.  1040?

There are actually 3 forms of the SNP marker, but 2 present very similarly, so they CAMOUFLAGE into one type .... Green type blends into the Blue.
Blue and Orange Personality Types have many differences between each other:  
  • ways of thinking
  • forms of communicating
  • levels of GGregarious or AAscetic 
  • styles of learning
  • children's reaction to PTSD
  • possibly reasons for addiction
  • empathy

Ay ay!  Captain.

AA = Orange
GG= Blue

AG = heterozygous formation Green but with camouflage = blue.
Therefore, there are 3 genetic underpinnings that take 2 phenotypeic FORMATIONS (visible/observable characteristics and traits)

 Orange Personality Types have lower oxytocin levels.

The answer......... drum roll ........

I don't know?   My hypothesis is for sure:  Blue.

As most of one's genes don't change across his/her life time......  current research shows that children with Blue Personality Types are more susceptible to PTSD than are Orange Personality Types......

Does this carry over into adulthood?
Would there be a new form of discrimination?  A battle? A war if we discovered the answer?

Eh.....we better just keep in FATIGUE.

STRIKE that.


Friday, August 18, 2017

PTSD trauma? Are you more susceptible?

If you are what is referred to as a blue personality type, you have genetic markers (GG, AG) located on chromosomes 3, that increase your likelihood of getting PTSD from any given traumatic scenario. (GG and AG have subtle differences, but the G overrides the A, so the heterozygous form presents much like the homozygous form, in many ways so the two polymorphic variations have been clumped  together into one personality type known as blue.

If you are not interested in the science simply read the Bold

Approximately 37% of the global population has a blue personality type, so it is not the majority of human beings.

Blue personality types are primarily of European descent.

"Blue personality type" is a simple color coordinated term indicating that a person has higher levels of oxytocin than the remaining 67% of the population as a result of innate genetics.

Most Asians are orange personality types, innately having lower oxytocin levels due to a variance of the genetic marker located on chromosome 3 known as RS53576. The orange allelic version is AA.

Orange personality types are not as affected by scenarios that could potentially cause PTSD.  Whatever variable might cause PTSD in a blue personality type may have no effect on an orange personality type. It can be assumed that the increased frequency of PTSD response associated with blue personality type is correlated with the increased range of emotional feeling and associated somatic response in comparison to that of Orange personality type.

(Vasopressin plays a role in combination with oxytocin and PTSD as well, but it is not of primary importance nor is it relevant for this particular blog post. I only mention it in the event that someone has interest in further reading. There is some more recent research referencing vasopressin and Prairie voles and oxytocin).

Research demonstrates that blue personality types (those individuals having higher levels of oxytocin) are more affected by traumatic events and more frequently struggle with PTSD symptoms. This is statement is true especially if affected when they are children.

Blue personality type children experiencing PTSD respond very well to parental loving touch and cuddling in order to assuage PTSD symptoms from the event that has transpired.

While orange personality types are not as affected by PTSD, they also do not beneficially  respond to parental touch, emotional support and cuddling in order to assuage stressful events and or compensate for the release of cortisol.

In simple terms, blue personality types have higher ranges of emotional feelings and affect then the majority of global population. One can speculate that this higher range of emotions contributes to increased behavioral responses, ssociated somatic responses as well as vociferous reactions to various scenarios. These scenarios may be PTSD evoking or not.

If you are a parent ..,....think about whether or not knowing if your child has a  higher oxytocin level range  or a lower oxytocin level range determined by a simple saliva test would be important for how you cultivate a relationship with that child.

If you are a parent to more than one child and you notice that your children respond  very differently to anxieties and stressors of life as well as having different responses to your affection and empathy in response to their responses, it most likely has to do with variances and oxytocin levels.

If you notice your child has been affected by a PTSD evoking event, aside from parental love and support, EMDR is a research-based methodology that pulls out and extract the route of the trauma.

The earlier in life this PTSD root is extracted..... this false belief system about self and false associated emotion and false somatic response, the better.

What will happen over the course of a lifetime if this route is not extracted and corrected with a positive cognition installation via EMDR, is that as that child grows over the years he will accumulate and gather false evidence supporting his false hypothesis about self with respect to that erroneous route that was planted due to the PTSD traumatic experience.

Understand PTSD and your child's oxytocin levels and you can dramatically increase their: social success, happiness freedom from SSRIs, work ability, friendships and bettering of life.

You can get this oxytocin genetic marker test via '23 and Me', which will also reveal many other genetic markers that may be of importance to know refarding your child.  The test is approximately $200.

Why wouldn't every parent want to optimize the outcome of their child's life by knowing potential problematic innate variables which can then be compensated for and/or ameliorated by making small environmental adjustments.

You got me? What century do we "livin"?

"Oh he's like that because he's a boy..... it's because she's a girl she's sensitive .....he's a middle child he comes from a divorced family" blah blah blah.

These are all secondary contributing factors two shaping personality. Get the blueprints before talking about the adornments.

Uh oh...... What is called a "secondary gain" in the world of psychology might be preventing you from truly wanting to know your child's oxytocin levels
By not knowing the child oxytocin level, you can keep your gossip and communication and false chit-chats up with the other parents by judging and speculating and assuming the reasons for various children's behaviors (as oxytocin affects much more than PTSD response in children).

Don't let livin 4D get in the way of your social life.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

San Diego Therapy Tool Box 8


Psychology Today Tips about spirituality, relationships, thinking patterns, somatic or body awareness and more. New designs for living in self with respect to others and to the environment.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

San Diego Therapy Tool Box 8

Do you have your life set of tools for:

Living in harmony, peace and happiness?

Moving through life and balancing tasks at a slower manageable pace?

Creating optimal times for yourself rather than getting pulled into other people's schedules and conversations?

Quick ability to let go of anger and frustration?

Finding the routes to get to solution without getting stuck?

Getting your brain and neurological thinking patterns out of habituated routes?

Creating the best dialogues or ways of going about relational dynamics?

Identifying what you are filtering through your built psychological lens from years of ego perspective in comparison to  external truth? (5 prong approach....quite handy). In other words what are you overreacting to and are taking personally which actually you shouldn't be.

Feelings are based on thoughts and inaccurate thoughts and perceptions cause inaccurate feelings and responses. Make the thoughts accurate and believe them and your emotional response will change.

Setting goals and manifesting them despite obstacles?

Talking in a way with someone who seems oppositional to your approach or your direction, joining with him and her admiring his expertise and asking him to come up with the solution rather than remaining in debate?

Washimg clean the emotional psyche of grime from the day? (A practice of breathing that is conscious, not of the autonomic nervous system? NSI (neurosomatic integration) which activates the vagal nerve, balances the antagonistic sympathetic parasympathetic nervous system to decrease anxiety, I'll colonizes the blood with the extra release of carbon dioxide increasing the pH thus decreasing chances of cancer and other illnesses?

Do you know what your biggest core issues are in life that are causing you problems?. Let's get to them and extract them, so there are no longer being 'mine'd for.

Do you know how to use humor to befriend friction cenarios does increasing dopamine and decreasing cortisol?

It is fundamental to include the biological elements into the psychological well-being and approach to life the two complement each other very well.
(619) 750 2218 

Lily Kotila MA MAT PhD(c)

Friday, August 4, 2017

Guage your relationahip attire?

Have you ever had the traditional couple fight regarding temperature and sleeping?

" It's too hot."
"It's too cold."

"We don't need the heater on "
"Yes we do."
" I'm freezing."
"You're exaggerating."

The result:

You wrap yourself in your cocoon of blanketree attire and I'll wrap myself in my cocoon of blanketree attire and let's sleep in the same bed but engulfed in our own pods.

The reality:

Women's circulatory systems are closer to the surfaces of their skins in comparison to men's circulatory systems.

Therefore, women are typically cooler than men because the heat spread through the body via the blood in a female is in closer contact with the outside world's temperature than is a man's.

This bloody gender difference concept does not take into account #s of adipocytes or the amount of fat insulation one has surrounding the self.

I'm sure that in and of itself could turn into another more "heated" debate.  Having just written this blog post, it would probably be more "cool" to keep fighting about the temperatures and keeping yourselves separately cocooned.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Snicker Snicker: ha ha heheh hypnosis. FUNNY?

Really?  What planet are we on in the "Milky Way"?  ......MARS?   (Where does that expression even come from really?)  Tangent:  The reference to someone being a Neanderthal is actually a compliment as they were super smart.   People should be a little "MORE-on" ........seriously.  Get with the programmed. Oh already are.

How boring is the program.  I think I'll go get a snickers.  I don't care.  Yup. Ya'll are so boring and scatterbrained, I much rather enjoy a snickers than listen to you NUTS.

So what exactly do you think these types of words associated with chocolate do to your psyche?

snicker snicker sucker sucker snicker funny funny 

What do you think these types of words associated with chocolate do to your relationship with chocolate?

What do you think these types of words associated with chocolate do to your relationship with you? your body? your mind? your emotional heart?

What do you think this hypnotic connection increases or decreases in terms of behavior and/or associated behavior?  At least they're obvious about it and not sublingual .....I mean not subliminal.  But now that I "neanderthal" most of you knuckleheads, it probably is subliminal hahahahahah....snickers.

Unlike the Untied States, Britain and Australia do not allow subliminal advertising.

What cray cray in the snickers advertising campaign do you think would design such packaging thinking that it would promote sales?  Hmmmm. Maybe it does or it will?

Or maybe it will increase the purchase of a gift to a love giving a sweet message - "You rowdy B_ _ _ _."  "Here you go peanut."

They have these laughs in Mexico with similar associations.
Que intolerable! Estas muy grunon y dramatica. Ay caramba.  Dios mio.  Vas a comer una chocolate con estrella dinero.

Haha.....look what I just came across......I'm such a neanderthal.  I've got the sagittal crest ;)
You knucklehead Homo sapiens.  You little piggies run all the way home and enjoy your snickers.  Y voy a comer con gusto tambien.  Teach your children well.  wah wah wah wah wah? what? Enjoy.

Know where to take a bite out of line.....I mean life.  Then put on your sneakers and go for a run on the treadmill so you can work your HAMSTER rings.  Turn those wheels .......right?

snickers snickers snickers snickers.

Brought to you by Flyer from Asteroid B324 "The Little Princess"