Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Spirituality? TV? HummER, Hearing Voices? Schitzophrenia? Van Gogh

Hz ????  CHANGING PERSPECTIVES ON LIFE. Fe your information.

A person who has "excellent" hearing can perceive 20 Hz.  Another way to state this is that he can detect 20 vibrations per second.

Frequencies of sound below 20 Hz are usually "felt" rather than "heard."  Does this elicit any questions with respect to Autisim and/or the PDD Pervasive Developmental Disorder Scale?????????????????????????????

Imagine of the deepest sound you can imagine. 20 vibrations a second is slow enough so that you can actually see it, like in the surface of a bass drum.

How does synthesthesia play into frequencies of senses?

Octave C is a note one never really hears.  It is about 32 Hz.  (I do not yet know why?)
Octave  A is the lowest key on a piano and it is 27.5 Hz and the highest Hz is 4186 on the piano.

Theoretically people can hear 20,000 Hz (20 KHz) but this range is typically limited to children and as people age their range decreases to approximately 16,000 Hz.

Studies demonstrate that people living in societies without amplified sound have increased sound range detection.  (Shamans, indigenous visionaries, connection with earth and surround, oracles)

What does this concept imply about people whom are exposed to continuous amplified sound in terms their internally created worlds and their awareness potential of the surrounding environment?

Think beyond the adult human range of hearing.  The average 4000 Hz loss from child to adulthood - What might have been once detected and understood  in that range?  . . . .. . ..  . Nobody cares.   All most adults want to do is to unconsciously imprint their egos onto others.  "Mini-me's Mini-mes....All I want is Mini-me".  

Perhaps in that 4000 hurtzful loss of child connection with ALL KNOWING, taken from them by stealing adults . . . .. .may be where the happiness, peace and truth of source lays and could possibly stay ......if an adult is open minded to not following the heard but opening his ears to listen to "new" rather than teach "knew".

Perhaps as a child, this 4000 it is cholicked for, wept to keep, yet forced separation and condensation range of childhood Hz leaves adults departed from connection of ethos, universe and spiritual knowings.

Having been robbed by constant adult human programming, false teachings, TV, radio and other audio exposure humans are left flatlined.  They search for 38Hz in different ways.  Perhaps if the 4000 were allowed to be heard from new words of mouth rather than corrections made and inked red.........ethos/ universe and spiritual range and knowings would penetrate and embrace us all????

Adult humans - allow for your children to teach you.  Don't just fill their ears with decreased teachings.

At 38 Hertz, the brain releases pleasure and endorphins in and around the body.

TBC . . .. . . . . 

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